Building from the Ground Up?

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Building from scratch not only allows you to create your dream home to suit your family situation and desired lifestyle, but also helps you avoid the arduous house hunting process.
Benefits of Building
Another benefit for first-time buyers is that building a new home can provide a low deposit home loan option, as under current New Zealand Reserve Bank LVR Rules you only need access to a 10% deposit. These loans allow you to choose a section and house design and have it built using a fixed-price contract to ensure costs do not overrun.
Construction Finance in Otago
Whilst the process of building a home can be full of fun, excitement and a sense of achievement, it can also be stressful and end up costing more than expected. Mortgage Link’s mortgage advisers are experienced at finding the right construction finance for their clients and will help you with build advice. They will create a smooth and enjoyable experience and are available through the process, explaining the different types of loans available, the paperwork required by their clients, finalising the loan approval, and ensuring the progress payments work smoothly.